Water Filtration

Hydrus Series Water Filtration Systems

Model Numbers: Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, Multiplex

Hydrus Series water filters are Kinetico’s largest commercial water filtration offering. These filters serve large commercial, industrial, municipal applications and can be combined with Hydrus Softening Systems. Kinetico’s Hydrus Series Filtration Systems are the most advanced, efficient systems which are designed to be environmentally responsible.

How are the Hydrus Series Water Filtration Systems different?

Non-Electric Valve

Hydraulic operation eliminated the need for motors which maximized longevity.

Corrosion-Resistant Valve and Tanks

Long-lasting and can endure even the harshest environments.

Single or Multi-Tank System

Configurable design options: Single Tank system is most economical and space efficient and Multi-Tank system offers flexibility for demanding commercial applications

Carbon Filtration*

Assures consistent and continuous clean, soft water. Protects plumbing and equipment.
*Filtration Option

Calcite Filtration*

The media neutralized the pH of water.
*Filtration Option


Filtration media removed particles as small as five microns, including sediment, iron, manganese and other such contaminants.
*Filtration Option

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